Monday, December 31, 2012

Apocalypse Take Two

I woke up this morning. Alright, alright, I woke up at noon today. Stumbled in a zombie like state chasing my cats about the house acting like a complete mad person.  Then when I finally managed to open my eyes, which stung from the bright light of day, and discovered a very unsettling fact.



My next thought was "Those SOBs lied to us all." Either that or they work for our local weatherman. Hey I am not asking that he is right everyday, just once in a blue moon would be nice.

After servile hours of panic and distress, paired with endless online shopping on credit. I collapsed on the floor with a bottle of wine and cried like a child. That little flipbook of paper that directed me every day of my life was ending today. How could I go on living?

It was then saw it! The new 2013 calendar my husband had bought. We are SAVED!!!

Yeah I know this all seems rather ridiculous, but really come on lets be honest. A lot of people were freaking out on the December 21 for no reason. If you were one of those people scared when you woke up on that day let me give you some advice.

If the race, religion, or town drunk on the corner can not predict their own issues. Chances are they have been digesting something that spoke to them, and it wasn't some celestial or other worldly being, warning them of the end of the world.

Because lets face it. You know higher powers like to watch us ran around like bugs when the lights come on. They have to get their entertainment somewhere.

Even if would could predict the future, our own death, or the end of all. We should not live our lives based on events. One day at a time (at least that is what my head doctor says). Live each day like it matters, because it does matter. Which would you rather have sad depressing regrets, or happy wild ones. I am leaning toward wild.

I know that was deep even coming from me. The damn motivational posters are getting to me, they are like an infection!

make sure you complete your list of resolutions you are never going to think about after two days, and if you are like. You won't even remember you wrote them (praise the god of rum).

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Interview: Bryce Guse

Holidays are over and it is back to work. At least for most of you unlucky people. If you were like me you could sit at home in your fuzzy Mickey Mouse pants and do whatever you want.  But there is only one me, and the heavens are singing that praise right now.

Enough out of me though I have a tasty treat for my faithful three and half readers. An interview with my very talented cusion Bryce Guse. I first became aware of his talents when he was taking one of those awkward family vacations. You know the type: locked in the car for hours with annoying younger kids and bitching parents. The things that just make sitting at home all the more attractive.

Alright, alright I will stop talking and on to the interview!

 Lets jump right in and find out what your passion is. I know I have seen some of your very awesome pictures on Facebook, and you did an great mix for a project I am working on. But what is it that gets your blood flowing?  Seriously the vampires in the back want to know. I would also take this on your way out. *hands over garlic spray*
What gets my blood pumping? Probably my heart. But I think what drives me is wanting respect among my peers. I've never really fit in with people at school, I've never been into sports and all those other extracurricular activities. I'm pretty awkward. So music kept me entertained, then it turned into an obsession.
What inspired you to get into music?
How I got into music is kind of a weird combination of events. The first one was on my 6th birthday (I think). My mom took me out to pick something out for my birthday, I couldn't find anything, but as we left the store, we walked past the guitars. I decided that's what I wanted. So we went back in and got it, so that was one start. Another was the discovery of the concept of music production I was into a band called Blaqk Audio. One guy sings, the other does everything else. When I found that out, it blew my mind! One guy? Doing everything?! I knew that's what I wanted to do. Then the discovery of House Music (my genre of choice). My brothers friend came over one night, and I really wanted to hang out with them, but my mom told me to stay with her and watch The Devil Wears Prada. At first I was annoyed. Jeez mom, way to force me to watch a chick flick. But when the song "Here I Am (Kaskade Remix)" by David Morales came on, it blew my mind. The thought of having electronic drums and an acoustic guitar in the same song was crazy. But I loved it. So those were probably my biggest "inspirations"

Name five things in your work area. If there are family show appropriate.
My work area? My work area is kind of this weird combination of my hardware (headphones, laptop, midi controller, and microphones) and software (FL Studio and a plethora of VST plug-ins). But if you saw me working, I would have myself surrounded by my laptop, a pair or two of headphones, my cell phone, a midi controller, and maybe my dog.

Do you ever find yourself in front of a creative roadblock? If so how do you get around it?
I live in a creative road block, there is no "occasionally finding myself in one". I just find bubbles of inspiration. I usually do one of two things to get through them. The first being turning back into the audience, and take time to appreciate the works of other artists. I study their work for the most part, learning different techniques and ideas. But you occasionally need to just stop and enjoy it for a while, and think about how it makes you feel instead of what you need to do to make someone feel that way, if that makes any sense. But as you personally know, I switch mediums to keep myself from running out of ideas. From acrylic paintings and ink pen drawings to photography and graphic design, it all helps. Believe it or not, you can transfer over concepts between the two. You can't really use Rule of Thirds with music, but contrast of frequencies, balance of the panning, and texture of the sound are just a few things I've picked up from working with visual arts. It really keeps you  on your toes with new ideas.

What advice do you have for people wanting to get into music?
I would tell people who are thinking about getting into music to first find what speaks to them. Don't buy a DJ deck if you find yourself listening to Adult Contemporary or Country all day long, but if you find yourself listening to every genre out there (at least to your knowledge), just get a piano. Learn the basic chords and don't go any farther then that. Then look for the chords to your favorite song at and improvise using those chords. Now you're probably wondering why I don't just advise you to get the actual sheet music with the exact notes. Well it's harder to develop your own style when you're trying to copy someone else's work. You'll strt to hear yourself playing the song the way it speaks to you, not the way the artist recorded it. So just take it from there. Don't like the piano after that? Try another instrument and repeat the process.  

Alright now the good stuff! What projects do you have coming up that we can look forward to?
I have an album I am working on called "Of Decibels & F-Stops" (obviously without the hyperlinks, I added those for the people who don't know what they are). It's going to be a collection of my music production (obviously) and my photography, painting, and graphic design. How I'm going to do that? Well that's a secret for the time being. But in the mean time, I just had a remix of mine released on the 21st of December. The thing is, when it was released, they spelled &mpersand, &ampersand. Making it awkward for me to show it off. So i'm working to get the fixed, but if you want to check it out,  Perfect Pressure – Never Stop - &ampersand Remix (insert childish laser gun sound effects here). 

Where can we find some of your work?
I've got a couple of my latest remixes and older original songs on my Soundcloud, so if you're curious you could check those out. Sorta fun stuff.

And because I have been watching far to much Hot Fuzz. What is your favorite Sundae?
And to be honest, I don't remember ever having a sundae. But if there were brownies in it, I'd be all over it.

There you have it my loyal fans. A look inside the insanity that is the talented Bryce. Ok maybe that was too over the top, but at the very least this kid is on his way up. Keep your eyes out, and if you really want to go the distance become his friend now so you can get in on the profits later.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pagan Party Time!!!

So I guess I should say something because it is that time of the year.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and all that good stuff!!!

I hope everyone of you got everything you wanted. Because we all know that big useless thing under the tree that shreds, slices, and makes fries in four different sizes. Is just what you always needed!!!

Seriously I need one of those. So pass it over!!

All joking aside I hope your day is full of family you can tolerate and food that doesn't leave you praying to the toilet god.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

And Yule Blessings!!! (Because Yule came before Christmas.... Go Pagans!)

Friday, December 21, 2012

The END!!! Nah Just Kidding


See told you guys I am awful at keeping up with things. This blog has died, but since the end of the world did not take place, why not bring it back from the dead. It seems fitting since I was pushing for the Z-apocalypse today. But unlike the Zed word this blog won't eat you alive.

Unless you get to close.
No Seriously stand back! No! Not there!

Damnit there goes another viewer. They drop like flies around here.

Anyways just popping in to let you know that I am raising from the grave just to write more senseless insanity for my three and half viewers. I know what you are thinking.

Where did I get the half from?

So stay tuned I have some great things lined up for the New Year!!!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Demons (they're all mine, back off!!)

No I am not talking about those things that run around posing as people. Nor a vessel for an external soul. So get your minds out of the theological gutter and lets move on. (don't lie to me I know it was there!!)

What I am referring to is the internal torment of the truly gifted.

You know the person that just has a completely different perspective on life and the way it works. You can witness it day in and day out, and I am not talking about the kid that eats paste in the back of the class. (just so you know, he doesn't like to share. I already tried.)

Every master artist, great author, and what have you has some kind of defect to them. Look at Da Vinci, an artist that is still studied till this day, but his brilliance goes far beyond just the art world. Then there is Einstein, Van Gogh, Tesla, and the list goes on and on. Each one battled their own demons.

Problems in their lives, but they  faced the darkness and gave to the world things that are idealized even today.

So where I am going with this? Yeah I know everyone wants a point to an spontaneous rant.

Simply put all the greats have demons. Dark, ugly, sexy (yes sexy, and you know it!), demons. Nightmares that alter our way of thinking and perception. Those of us that are not ashamed of those demons and learn to channel our dark sides might not become memorable, but at least we are true to ourselves (and we have cookies, because we all know the dark side holds the market on Keeblers). For that you should always hold your head high and state clearly "I did that!"

Now I am not saying that you should go out, and engage in criminal behavior because the voices inside your head said so. That just means that god speaks to you and a therapist paired with high doses of experimental drugs can help him stop.

What I am saying is don't hold back, let the demons flow, and just maybe you might do something brilliant.

Hey you can always hope!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Yeah yeah you can get on my case all you want. I have never been good at keeping up with this I start. I mainly just goof around for a few days they sit back and watch the whole thing cave in.

Much like the orignial Sim's game. Who knew natural desaiters could be so much fun!!!

Ok back on topic, BACKGROUNDS!!

What does that mean?

So glad you asked.
Like most people I am sure everyone finds inspiring words fueling their creative fires, and sometimes more, when times get hard. (Oh yeah I went there!)
So for you lovelies I have included two backgrounds I use on my computer when my talent has seen better days. Namely when the voices take off.

Why PC backgrounds?

Well, the average person sends far to much time on there computer. Since I am not average I spend even more time at my computer, and it is generally left on 24/7. (The cats like to use it at night... Shhh don't tell my husband.)

So if you are feeling self critical or life just sucks in generally. Post this up on your computer and take time to read them every time you wake up your only friend in the world. You know I am right, denial gets people nowhere!!!

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will
assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers,
the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary."
Peter Lindbergh

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep."
Scott Adams

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Beginning

Lets get this random journey into the minds of people that should be declared clinically insane started!!

Introductions are tradiontally first, but you will get to know me in the coming months so we will just leave the first impression vague. Don't want to scare people the first day.

I would rather address the more important topic of what this blog will be about. In general this will be a place for me to give people the inside look into the insane reality of creative people. In general artist, writers, poets, musicians, and anyone that can produce some form of fantasy related item, and find themselves tortured by inner sexy demons. (ONLY sexy ones!!)

What you have to look forward to is massive amounts of my art work, creative writing, and insane ideas about the way the world should work. Some of it will be funny, other times you should just hide under your bed. Don't worry the monster that lives there is willing to accept rent by the hour.

Alright fine I won't make this place all about me (Like it should be). This blog is about the fuel behind the fantasy locked away inside the heads of creators. So you can look forward to interviews with other artist, writers, and just random people that come to my door at 9am during the week.

So stay tuned you might actually read something that speaks to you, and I don't mean the whispers outside your bedroom at 3 in the morning. And if you are a creative individual that would like to share their inspiration or twisted methodology send me an email with subject  ITI interview.