Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Review: Stay Alive & Ghost Ship

Here we are again, another week has passed and with that more movies!!

This week a friend of mine asked me to do some top 5 lists of scary movies, so I was feeling a little nostalgic and I ended up watching two movies I have already seen before. Still going to share them with you and my reviews on said movies.

Which two did I watch? Like you didn't already know by the post title.

Yep, that's right Stay Alive and Ghost Ship.

Lets start with Stay Alive, I really like this movie, not so much for the level of scare it provides, or special effects. It just comes down to the fact I am a gamer, and it happens to be about Elizabeth Bathory.

So what do I like about the movie?
-Killer Video Game, that is just cool. Not that I really want my death in video games to reflect my real life, but seriously the idea of dyeing like you did in a game is awesome. There is so many creative ways you can die in games.

-Occult, yeah there is a bunch of stuff in here relating to the occult. The whole wild rose, mirrors, and how to kill witches, seriously cool. Mainly because I love researching that stuff.

-Death scenes, no disappointment here. Maybe the effects are cheesy at times, but you have a guy whose mouth gets split open, another stabbed in the neck with shears, and someone ran over by a black carriage in modern day. Awesome!

-The Video game, the game Stay Alive looks pretty freaking awesome when they are playing. That is something I would be all over, if I had the time.

-The Characters, I don't think there is one character in this movie I don't like. I loved each and every one of them, which only made it worse to watch them get killed off one by one. Okay maybe the jerk of a cop that gets killed. I wasn't too upset when he died.

Here is what I didn't like:

-Main Character Back story, I really could have done without it. The whole, "my father went crazy set the house on fire and now I 'm afraid of fire" thing is pointless. I don't understand why it was all needed, just to make him afraid of fire? Fine, why can't you just say he survived a fire, we don't need all this pity party stuff in the middle of the movie. 

-To many things happening, So you have the pointless back story of the main character. Which not only explains he has a fear of fire, that his mothers is dead, but also that he longs for a family. What freaking point does that have in the movie? It has nothing to do with the damn movie. Luckily it is only a small part, a very small part, but I still could have done without it.  Then you have another character having family problems. WHO CARES! Get to the killing people!

Other then that I really enjoy this movie. It is one I come back to over and over again. Yes it is not without its faults, but the characters make it worth watching through the pointless parts.

Now on to Ghost Ship, which is another movie I just like to watch for no reason other then my extreme love for the characters. I find that I am drawn to corky characters with a lot of personality. In a horror movie that is not always good because I tend to get upset after they die.

What I liked:

-The dance floor scene, yeah the one with the girl on the dance floor with everyone, and then the wire coming across and slicing everyone in half. That scene is cool as hell!

-Epps, I love her character, especially at the end where she is like "take that bitch!"

-The Ship in the middle of the ocean, the fact this movie takes place on the ocean is just awesome. Not only does it set that mysterious tone of the strange things that happen at sea, but I also love the ocean.

What I didn't like:
-Ferriman, how in the hell does no-one make this connection sooner? Seriously? I get it for plot reasons that characters are ignorant of who this guy is, but really? Who has that last name in a ghost movie and right away isn't labeled as a suspicious character. Could we come up with something a little more creative people?

-Character Leading, another problem with the character of Ferriman. Could we make it more obviously that he is leading these other characters around? I don't think so, I mean he is the puppet master and you can see it from the very first second they get on the damn ship. Now you can have someone driving the plot and leading the other characters without it being so damn obvious (MindHunters).

These are two big dislikes, but I still enjoy this movie from time to time. It has its high points and like Stay Alive I love the characters of the crew.

Alright time to answer another question.
4. Favorite Halloween Monster?
This is a tough one because I am big fan of the old classic monster movies, and reading my blog you might think I going to pick Dracula, but you would be wrong. My favorite Halloween Monster, and yes it is a classic, The Frankenstein Monster. Yeah I love the big guy.

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