Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A-Jax Cover Reveal

I have been waiting for this for awhile. You know how I am when I finish a cover, I just want to show it off. This time I had to wait until today, which only made me more antsy but it just makes the moment all the better!

So here it is at along last, the A-Jax Cover!

Contemporary Romance
Release Date: Sometime in October 2015 (LOL)
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Bailey York is a woman that refuses to allow her disturbing past to define her as a victim, but she is very much controlled by that tragedy. Trapped in a world of lonely desperation she runs back to the man that violated every part of her. With the promise of a mended relationship and comfort from her lonely world, Bailey allows her old lover dangerously close once more.

Spirited, strong willed, and rebellious. One look at Bailey and people often miss the suffering and wounds laying just under the surface. With her sanity on the edge Bailey is doing everything she can to keep herself from shattering.

Ayden Parks is a guy down on his luck. The world has spun around more than once on him in the last year, but that won't stop him. With a fresh break-up from his long time fiancée, Ayden is ready to pour all of himself into the success of his club, A-Jax. Until he crosses paths with Bailey.

Intrigued by her fiery nature and contradicting personality Ayden can't help but be draw in. She is the first women able to draw him away from work in years, and despite the nagging voice in the back of his head that warns of the darkness around her Ayden still gets involved. Putting himself firmly between Bailey and her violent ex, but her old lover won't settle for anything less than Bailey.

And just for your wonderful people here is the prologue to A-Jax, :)
Just a warning it is raw and unedited, so be kind.


Sitting there in my hospital bed listening to the steady rhythmic beep of the heart-monitor made me tense, hearing it count out each panicked flutter dancing within my chest. A light hum of conversation drifted in from the hallway, out there felt like another world. Something completely contrasting and distant than the hell I had just been swept into, and sickness gripped me as I realized I could never be a part of that world out there again. My eyes focused on the pen that had been thrust into my hand.

Why is this happening?

Eight days ago my life was so very different. It wasn't easier, not by a long shot. It was complicated and even a little insane, but it was mine and I belonged. I wanted it back even with all it's imperfections. Was that really so much to ask for? To have my world back to its flawed acceptable existence.

I could adjust to the life that was given to me, I would learn to deal with all the things I used to complain about just as long as I could go back. It wasn't so bad, my husband's long work hours, his secret lovers that lived in our guest house, the drinking, the fights, even his dysfunctional family that felt money could solve all their problems. I would take it all if I just didn't have to live through this loss alone, I wouldn't be able to handle the loneliness. Not again.

Mrs. Dixon gently placed the stack of papers on my lap with a pleading in her soft brown eyes. I had nearly forgot my in-laws were still in the room, too caught up in my own disbelief. A vague haze of congregation settled in as I looked to the papers she had placed before me.


That ugly word staring back at me from the top of the papers, it numbed my every sense. Even the raw ache of pain from my numerous injuries were dulled by that single word.

I—We as a family had lost so much in the last few days, what took place in the place I once called home was nothing short of some fictional tragedy. I still refused to believe it. When I woke from that horror, achy and sore, I knew I would make it through this ordeal because I had people…A family to fall back on, but now even that was being stripped away from me.

The worst part was the couple standing in front of me—the two people whom had welcomed me into this life full of warm acceptance when I thought fate had left me alone for the rest of my life. Now they were asking me to remove myself from everything I had come to cherish, from their family. No, they were telling me I had to go. It made the sting all the deeper.

“Just sign them dear and we can all put this awful thing behind us.” Mrs. Dixon encouraged with that sweet, gentle small town voice of hers.

I had always seen her as the frail woman out of place in her husband's rich, upper class, cutthroat universe. Not anymore. She was a survivor, that was clear by what she was asking of me, anything to protect the Dixon name. There was nothing sweet or sincere about her as she encouraged me to simply forget and turn away from the only life I knew—the life they had given me.

“It is better for everyone if this just goes away, Bailey. The settlement is more than enough to keep you comfortable.” Mr. Dixon finally spoke from behind his deceptively fragile wife.

His soft grandfather like features didn't fool me any longer, I knew what was beyond them—the truth of what he was and what he was willing to do to keep that perfect facade. His clever and cunning ways hidden behind a mask of collected clam and an air of nobility, but he couldn't fool me anymore. Mr. Dixon—No, both of them would say or do anything to protect their family, and clearly that didn't include me.

Why are they doing this to me? Wasn't I the prefect daughter in-law?

Understanding to their son's special needs, willing to conform to their strange demands, and still these people were tossing me to the side.

They wanted me to go away and like all their other problems they were throwing money at me like I was some kind of whore. Maybe there was truth to it. Maybe I was just a whore that needed to be silenced to keep them untainted. A dirty little secret locked away in the past.

I felt the tears starting to well under my eyelids threatening to show just how gutted this experience had left me. Anxiety gripped at my chest forcing its way to the surface as I closed my eyes to steady myself. Swallowing deep breaths of air to regain some form of control over my emotions, the heavy breathing causing my skin to stretch against my stitches that held my stomach together, sending an aching reminder of just how much I had loss. It pushed me closer to the breaking point as I opened my eyes to look at the two cunning devils in front of me.

“Sign the divorce papers and just forget. Live your life however you wish, just make it easier on yourself because you won't make it through this if you don't,” the kind pleading looks Mr. Dixon had been giving me all this time now faded to something more sinister. “You can't afford the lawyers I can, and I won't let my son go to jail for this minor lapse in judgment.”

Is that what happened? A simple moment of poor judgment? It could really result in all this?

He made it sound so neat and minimal. I didn't want to believe it but his warning sent a shiver down my spine as I tried to block out the reality I was faced with. The reality of the dark intent these people had kept from me all these years. How could I have been so blind?

Tightening my grip on the pen and my resolve I gathered the papers up not even bothering to read through, I just wanted this done and over with before I lost my nerve… Before I turned into a crying mess. I refused to give the Dixon’s that, I wouldn't let them see me break down.

Signing my name and initials everywhere the bright yellow arrows indicated I raced through the packet. My signature staring back at me on that last page right beside my former husband's. It was all over now, I pushed the papers away like they may bite me. I didn't want it too sink in just yet but it was too late, the deed was done and for the second time in my life I had signed everything I had over to the Dixons.

Saturday, August 8, 2015


Celebrating one year being an author, which means book 1&2 of The Opsona Journey Series are FREE this weekend!

One Click these bad boys for nothing.
Promotion ends August 10th.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I Made IT! One Year As An Author

That's right. A year ago today I was hunched over my computer swearing up a storm as I tried to upload my very first book to KDP. I can still remember the stress and tears that went into the first book, and I am so glad it has only gotten easier. I swear that first book was out to kill me.

Now here I am a year later looking toward my fourth book in the Opsona series and a few others in the coming months. That is just insanity, but the good kind.

To celebrate this awesome day I have discounted Stage One of the Opsona Series, which is the first three books in the series, plus tons of extras!
You have until Friday to get the boxset at it's discounted price
"I would no longer be a mortal servant, a pet kept for sick entertainment. I had been chosen for initiation, to become one of the immortals…A vampire.
My transition continued on far longer than any other, filling my body with a pain that was beyond the natural senses. After four days of writhing in the burning change I blacked out, and what woke in my place was not a vampire. It was in a word…Chaos."

No longer an average mortal Opsona warrior and far from a vampire, Serenity is an unnatural force that rivals anything found in the planes of the Underworld. An advantage that her master, Vondorian, uses in his quest to conquer the mortal world, while luring her into his bed with seductive promises. A flawless venture until the day she is struck down in battle.

Slain by a man with haunting greens eyes and hidden by shadows, Serenity has lived the last century of her immortal life with a nagging conscience. A lingering pest of a mortal voice conflicting with her vampire instincts, which only grows more unruly as Serenity and her master move to conquer the city of Tentusa. A small but important place nestled in a sacred, and Serenity's former home.

With the pull of her former life drawing out the mortal voice deep within, three centuries of loyalty between master and servant are put to the test. Serenity's disobedience grows stronger with each passing hour, and when a new stranger arrives things only grow more complicated. Which is stronger…Serenity's desires, the mortal voice, or the creature she fears within?

Cret is child of twisted fate looking for acceptance. Half Opsona, half demon. His demon father sees him only as an enemy, and his estranged Opsona brethren, protectors of the mortal world, use him for their own means.

In his need for Opsona approval he killed the woman he desired only to find she survived nearly a century later. Now he is face with an impossible decision. Kill Serenity and fall back into the hell of a world without her, or disobey his Opsona brethren and sentence himself to death.

Everything Cret has known, loved, and protected has fallen. Having failed his former teacher and master he is now faced with the aftermath of Serenity's rage, once she learns he was the one that struck her down in battle all those years ago.

The struggle between duty and heart has begun for Cret, and the innocent people of Tentusa are caught in the middle as the vampire armies arrive. Can Cret turn his back on Serenity, the woman that wants him dead, when she asks for his help?

"I had jumped so blindly as her request because it was Serenity asking, but could I trust her?" ~Cret~

Plus, I'm throwing a party this Saturday to celebrate making it a full year without losing anymore of my sanity. Join us Saturday for some awesome authors and amazing prizes. Win print copies of my series, see coming titles, and win some pretty pretty jewelry.