Friday, February 26, 2016

Bed Of Lies

Hello all you wonderful people, a little news, my girl Angel L. Woodz just released her second book in the Bed of Thornes Trilogy. I have been so happy to work with her on the covers and branding for the trilogy, and also her other works. Check out Bed of Lies, Book 2 in the Bed of Thornes trilogy.

Bed Of Thornes Trilogy

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Bed Of Lies Blurb:
Veronica Thorne and Adrian Montez have taken separate paths in life, unwillingly for him. Months have passed since she decided to leave for France to broaden her career. His devastated wounds from the painful thorns she left behind have yet to heal.
Adrian’s point of view takes us on a twist of battled emotions as he learns of Veronica’s darkest secrets. His fight for her heart has tattered his own. Is there such a thing as Happily Ever After or are their complicated opposite desires bringing them to the ultimate breaking point?

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Cover: Slain Spirit

I've been working on a novella in my free time, of which there is not a lot. I haven't been really serious about it because I had a very hard time coming up with a cover, but FINALLY!
Yes, after so very long I have finally come up with a cover that I'm deeply in love it. Here it is, in all its beauty.

Slain Spirit is a Dark Fantasy Novella about the price of love when demons get involved, and just because I love all of you wonderful people I have a teasers!

Be on the look at for Slain Spirit soon.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Premade Monday: 1st of the Month

Premade Monday
Yeah, this is going to be a thing every first Monday of the month. Since a lot of people love to see my work I thought I would get back into doing premade book covers. Here is the first batch, these and others will be on my site next week.

All premades are sold at the price listed which includes minor changes. (Color, font, additional text, ect.)
Theses are ebook covers and will be an additional $15 charge for full print wrap.
If you are interested in purchasing any of these just email me with the subject line: Premade.
Include the name of the premade cover you would like, title of the book, and author name along with any other information.

Premade010_Lucy: $50

 Premade011_Liar: $50

Premade012_JustOneMore: $60 

Premade014_TheLongWalk: $30

I purchase all my stock photos for premades from 123RF. Wonderful site with reasonable prices for stockimages.